Dialogue between Hazrat Umar bin Khattab and Hormuzan of Iran

Once Iranian prisoner Hormuzan was brought to Umar bin Khattab and he was offered to embrace Islam but he refused. Hazrat Umar ordered his execution because he was an arch enemy of Islam and had fought in wars against Islamic forces. When an executioner stood next to him with a sword in his hand, Hormuzan looked at Hazrat Umar and asked;

Hormuzan: I am very thirsty, is it possible to get some water before I get killed?
Umar: OK, we will give you some.
Hormuzan: Is it possible to hold my execution until I finish drinking this water.
Umar: We will wait.

Then Hormuzan dropped the glass on the floor and spoke to Hazrat Umar bin Khattab.
Hormuzan: Now I want to see if you will fulfill your promise and wouldn't kill me.
Umar: We are halting your execution but I will think about your situation.

Then Hormuzan recited shahada and converted to Islam.

Umar: Now you have embraced Islam but why did you refuse when we invited you earlier?
Hormuzan: I was thinking if I had accepted Islam at earlier point, people will think I was afraid of death. Now you have fulfilled your promise not to kill me till I drink water I respected your decision and accepted Islam.