(Zedekiah's Cave)
Photos from Jerusalem
Photos from Bethlehem
(The Separation Wall)
Photos from Hebron
(Tomb of Prophet Lot)
Photos from Caesarea
(Ruins of Caesarea Maritima )
Photos from Acre
(Knights' Halls & Acre Citadel)
(Rosh HaNikra Grottoes)
Photos of the exterior of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem
Photos of the interior of Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem
(al-Aqsa Mosque - Exterior)
(al-Aqsa Mosque- Interior)
Photos of the Residence of Imam  al-Ghazali & Dome of the Chain in Jerusalem
(al-Ghazali Residence & Dome of the Chain)
Photos of the Bab al-Rahma Cemetery and Sahaba Shaddad Ibn Aus and Ubadah Ibn al-Samet
(Bab al-Rahma Cemetery)
Photos of the Church of All Nations in Jerusalem, also known as Church or Basilica of the Agony
(Church of All Nations)
Photos of the Church of Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem
(Church of Holy Sepulchre)
(City of David)
Photos of the exterior of Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem
(Dome of Rock - Exterior)
Photos of the interior of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem
(Dome of Rock - Interior)
Photos of the El-Khanqah Mosque of Saladin (Salah ad-Din Ayyobi) in Jerusalem
(el-Khanqah Mosque of Saladin)
(Ethiopian Monastery & the Cenacle)
Photos of the Ethiopian Monastery and the Last Supper Room in Jerusalem
Photos of the Dormition Abbey in Jerusalem
(Dormition Abbey)
Photos of the Foundation Stone & the Well of Souls in Jerusalem
(Foundation Stone & Well of Souls)
Photos of the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem
(Garden Tomb)
Photos of the Garden of Gethsemane in Jerusalem
(Garden of Gethsemane)
(Gates of Jerusalem)
Photos of the Hezekiah's Tunnel and Pool of Siloam in Jerusalem
(Hezekiah's Tunnel & Pool of Siloam)
Photos of the Jerusalem Archaeological Park & the Davidson Centre
(Jerusalem Archaeological Park)
Photos of the Jewish cemetery on the slopes of Mount of Olives
(Jewish Cememtery)
Photos of the Roman Cardo and the Burnt House in Jerusalem
(Jerusalem in Roman Period)
Photos of daily life in Jerusalem
(Life in Jerusalem)
Photos of the Marwani Mosque (also known as Solomon's Stables) in Jerusalem
(Marwani Mosque)
Photos of the Mosque of Ascension in Jerusalem
(Mosque of the Ascension)
Photos of the Mosque of Omar ibn Khattab in Jerusalem
(Mosque of Omar)
Photos of the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem
(Mount of Olives)
Photos of Nebi Akasha Mosque in Jerusalem
(Nebi Akasha Mosque)
Photos of the Pools of Bethesda in Jerusalem
(Pools of Bethesda)
Tomb of Prophet David (Daud) in Jerusalem
(Prophet David's Tomb)
Photos of the Palestinian protest at the Temple Mount
(Protest at the Temple Mount)
On Road from Jerusalem to EiIat, photos of the Dead Sea and the Mount Sodom
(Road from Jerusalem to EiIat)
Photos of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem
(Temple Mount)
Photos of the Tomb of Mary (mother of Jesus) in Jerusalem
(Tomb of Mary)
Photos of the tombs of Absalom, Zechariah and Benei Hezir in Jerusalem
(Tombs of Absalom, Zechariah & Benei Hezir)
Photos of the Western Wall in Jerusalem
(Western Wall)
Photos of the Western Wall Tunnels in Jerusalem
(Western Wall Tunnels)
Photos of the Zedekiah's Cave in Jerusalem
Photos of the Aida Refugee Camp in Bethlehem
(Aida Refugee Camp)
Photos of the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem
(Church of the Nativity)
Photos of the Milk Grotto in Bethlehem
(Milk Grotto)
Photos of the monuments in Bethlehem
(Monuments in Bethlehem)
Photos of the graffiti on Separation Wall in the West Bank
Photos of the tombs of Patriarchs in Hebron (al-Khaleel)
(Cave of Patriarchs)
Photos of the ceramics and glass production in Hebron, West Bank
(Ceramic & Glass Production)
Photos of the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron (al-Khaleel)
(Ibrahimi Mosque)
Photos of the Oake of Mamre in Hebron, West Bank
(Oak of Mamre)
Photos from the Palestinian city of Hebron (al-Khaleel)
(Photos from Hebron)
Photos of the tomb of Prophet Lot (Hazart Lut) in Beni Naim
Photos of the ruins of Caesarea Maritima
Photos of the Caesarea Port & Crusaders Castle in Qisarya
(Caesarea Port & Crusaders Castle)
Photos of the Aacre Harbor and monuments in Akko (Acre)
(Acre Harbor)
Photos of the al-Jazzar Pasha Mosque in Acre
(al-Jazzar Pasha Mosque)
Photos of the Knights' Halls & Acre Citadel in Akko
Photos of the Hanging Gardens of Haifa
Photos of the Rosh HaNikra Grottoes in Israel
(Hanging Gardens of Haifa)