La Rambla

Then I came to the La Rambla. It was a busy place and it was notorious for pickpockets. There was police around as well. They stopped few guys and they were questioned. Las Ramblas in Barcelona is a 1.2 Km walkway through the very heart of the city centre. Here you will see all sorts of stalls, restaurants, bars and street performers along with the many thousands of people that promenade up and down the Ramblas until the early hours of the morning.

Las Ramblas stretches from Monument of Colom (Clolumbus) in the south to PlaÁa de Catalunya  in the North and many important streets and squares lead off from the Ramblas en-route.
Then it was time to go the airport, I had my bag already in the back of the jeep. There was no traffic and we were reaching to the airport in no time but just before the main building, there was a police check. We were stopped and they asked us to produce the IDs. Then one of the police officer was checking something on the radio. He was spelling out our names on the radio. They asked me what I was doing in Barcelona. I explained them that I was there to see the country.
I asked them why we were stopped. One of the police officer told me that they didnít speak any English and they were happy to talk to Nadeem in Spanish. They also asked for car's insurance. Nadeem was supposed to carry those papers with him but he had left at home. He called someone to get the details about the company and we were let go after an hour without any explanation.
I was dropped at the front of the building; I rushed inside for the check in and joined the long queue.
After check in, when I came inside the plane. It was full of Irish holidaymakers (almost all of them). There wasn't enough space left to hold the luggage inside the plane. Then captain made an announcement that all passengers should take their jackets, laptops from the overhead cabin and store them under the seats or seats in front of them in order to make more space. There were two women, who were holding four bottles of wines in their hands and they tried to put them inside the overhead cabins but couldnít find the space. Every time, they tried to find a space, someone would walk in the aisle and they had to move on one side and bottles were making clinking noise, while they were holding them. It took around twenty minutes to sort out the storage problem inside the aeroplane. By the time plane left the airport, it was 11pm.
When plane reached closer to the Dublin Airport, it was bad weather and plane started to shake little bit. The captain announced everyone to remain seated. After the landing, one of the ladies, who had bottles in her hand earlier, opened the overhead cabin and one of the bottle fell on the seat. Luckily, the guy who was sitting on that seat had stood up already and he was in aisle. Otherwise, it could have serious consequences.
Dublin Airport was half asleep when I came inside the building. When I passed the immigration desk, they looked at me and stamped the passport without a question. I collected my bag and came out of the building and it was drizzling, was I surprised, definitely not. By the time, I reached my apartment, it was almost 2am and it had been a long day.